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EUROFIXIC OÜ are official Destributor in Baltic State on behalf of EMPRESA de CERVEJAS da MADEIRA







Since 1872

ecm Story

Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira, Lda (ECM) is the largest regional producer and distributor of beverages in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, certified by national and european standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). Producing, marketing and distributing its own brands of beer, soft drinks and bottled water as well as representing prestigious brands in other categories (spirits, wines, juices and nectars, bottled waters, milk, olive oils, vinegars and sauces). Part of the Pestana Group, the largest Portuguese hotel group with a consolidated international presence, the quality and guarantee of the ECM brands are the result of the long manufacturing experience of its founders, of more than 145 years.


Made up of a team of around 250 employees, it supplies approximately 3500 clients and covers 100% of the Region’s outlets. To meet the necessities of its clients, ECM provides a pre sale system with delivery in 24 hours having the largest sales force of the sector in the Region, a teleshopping service and a customer service hotline providing a very effective capacity for implementing promotions and marketing actions to all out clients. More recently ECM has been increasing its efforts to make its products available to Portuguese communities around the world. Mobility being a characteristic of the madeiran population, it’s currently estimated that there are around 1 million madeirans spread across the globe who traditionally prefer ECM products.


Certified by National and European standards, ECM constantly assures its excellence, winning not only the trust of its clients and consumers but also that of international specialists who have classified the quality of ECM beverages at the highest level.

Up to 2010, products produced in-house totalled 135 Medals awarded by Monde Selection, the oldest and most prestigious independent organisation in the Quality Selection sector, founded in 1961 in Brussels.

A contest is held annually awarding outstanding beverages for their organoleptic qualities, in comparison with other products in the same category. The selection is made by a jury of specialists elected based on their professional expertise. Recognition by this institution therefore constitutes an indisputable guarantee of quality of ECM products to its consumers.

carbonated soft drinks

Água Tónica 7 medals 

Brisa Cola 3 medals 

Brisa Cola Zero 1 medal 

Brisa Cola Light 2 medals 

Brisa Maçã 11 medals 

Brisa Mangamix 3 medals 

Brisa Maracujá 22 medals 

Brisa Ananás 2 medals 

Brisa Laranja 5 medals 

Brisa Limonada 8 medals 

Laranjada 4 medals


Coral Branca 23 medals 

Coral SA 5 medals 

Coral SA Tónica 5 medals 

Coral Clássica 1  medal 

Coral Tónica 9 medals 

Export 6 medals 

Zarco 5 medals

non carbonated soft drinks

BriSol Laranja 2 medals 

BriSol Maracujá 4 medals 

BriSol Trópico 3 medals 

BriSol Maçã 1 medal 

BriTea Limão 1 medal 

BriTea Maracujá 1 medal 

BriTea Pêssego 1 medal


Atlântida 3 medals 

Atlântida Com Gás 2 medals 

Atlântida Limão 1 medal

Certificate of Approval

The ECM Environmental Management Manual sets out the following objectives:

Produce and supply products and services that continually satisfy the necessities and expectations of clients, at the lowest cost with resource optimization, to guarantee its competitiveness;

Demonstrate domestic and international confidence, that products and services are obtained and supplied with the specified quality, and are all within legal, regulatory and client requirements;

Maintain a solid environmental performance complying with all legal requirements and Company Policy, aiming to satisfy the expectations of the stakeholders, and monitoring the environmental impact of its business activities, products and services.

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